those food places only the locals know

I coming back in January for TET and am looking for those special places the locals love to eat (whatever ) ( I'm game) I'm staying in dist 7 . Im a bit a pig when it comes to food so a rating system of 1-5 heo will be understood,5 being requires many return visits. Cheers all, Mark

Oc Dao is a really good. They specialize cooking snails and some other seafood items such as fish and shrimp. Locals go there to sit on little chairs while they drink beer and eat a variety of dishes that go well with your beer. They have 4 locations. The one inside of an alley off Nguyen Trai street is big and pretty crowded at night. Try "Rang Muc" which translates to squid teeth. I've tried it at some different places, but Oc Dao seems to make it the best.

we had oc last time i was there and the cap were still in the snail so no sauce got in, not such a great experience but i'm willing to try again the squid was another 1st but yumo 5 heo on that, has any 1 seen crickets and bugs like cocnut worm anywhere?

looks like no body eats out , try these … 235014754/ … ge=english … n/#content

For bugs we just chop the rotting banana trees down and fish out the slugs. They have this milky cavity to them. You can eat them raw or fry them.

Man I love trying food out but no one to go with where I am. Wish I was in Ho Chi Minh city so much food experiences.

where do you get bugs

Rom BBQ - Go for the buffet option for about £7-10 a head not included drinks. Absolutely my favourite spot and it used to have an amazing view but construction has blocked most of it.  5/5

Hotel Nikko seafood buffet. It's a fancy and expensive place but unlimited lobster, crabs, oysters and alcohol. There are rich locals who eat there but it's mainly full of Japanese staying at the hotel. About £45 a person. 4/5, it would be a 5 if I could afford it every day.

Phuong cua … cale=en_GB

Absolutely shockingly bad service but it's always busy for a reason, it's delicious. Pick a crab and ask them to cook it in tamarind sauce then mop it up with banh mi. 6/5. It's quite far out but worth making the trip. … 1700804032
They only serve one thing, crab noodles. 5/5

Hoa-Quả-Sơn-Beefsteak for a good bo bit tet. 4/5. I've had better in Hanoi's famous street for it but this is best in Ho Chi Minh.

The Kichi Kichi chain is amazing value and good too. One of my favourites.

Oh many locals know of ** but its an absolute rip off and disgusting. Overpriced poor quality hotel buffet food.

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thanks for those recommendations, Ill take your advice

The best thing you can do is looking up on Foody (VNmese version of Yelp). The apps point out where the locals go for food and sometimes, there are deals in there, too

Be careful of these deals, I took one up to eat at a certain "fancy" place in district 7 next to central mall. Name will be edited out by moderators so no point but same place as edited out in my last post. Anyway, they agree to honour the deal, wait until you've tucked into your second lobster before that person who verbally agreed suddenly disappears and then a new waitor doesn't know anything about it and won't honour it etc. Original person is long gone.

How close to Lotte mart

Next to what some people would call a "fancy" castle but i personally think it's cheap, tasteless and a tacky place only those with too much money and no taste would stay and eat at. It's owned by the same person and the restaurant is next door to his "tacky" castle in D7.

btw, i meant crescent mall. central mall is in Bangkok.

You get to feed a horse in the garden though... It gets a better dinner than you would there.

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