Buying a home in Panama near the beach and town

I'm interested in buying a home in Panama near the beach and town. Do you want to help me get started?


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For some starting information about accommodation, i invite you to have a look at some articles here : … ation.html

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Are you looking for professional help? Here is a list of real estate agencies : Panama business directory, feel free to get in touch with them.

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I work in Construction and Real Estate and have lived in Panama for over 8 years. I have developed beachfront communities and built private houses, amongst other things, and been all over Panama looking at land/developments....often helping foreign buyers decide what they want and where they want it.

Best advice I can give is firstly decide:
1) what climate you like most (mountain/beach/city) as it varies greatly all over,
2) what services/amenities are essential to be close by (big chain supermarket/regional hospital/large expat social network etc),
3) what kind of property do you want (private piece of land/gated community/in a village/house/condo etc), and
4) what is your budget.

If you want to buy a piece of land and build your own house make sure you are here supervising it while its done or pay someone you trust to watch over it....especially if you have your own architect seperate from the builder. I'd say best to get the design done in your home country (not detailed) then get a local design/builder to "Panamize" it and detail for approval here. There are many risks in buying a piece of land ("finca") ranging from; 1) does the person selling the land actually own it, 2) is the boundary survey correct, 3) is it possible to get water/electricity to it....etc.

Obviously its also very important to have a good local lawyer helping you. There's many other pitfalls etc., but final bit of advice is - spend time here, ask questions, learn and do as much yourself as you can and enjoy the challenge and experience of making a home in another country....and lastly (most important!) remember....its a different culture and country, so don't expect anything to work the same as back in your home country! Good luck!

Hello, do u have any contact info on Panamanian architects that can take some simple Cad drawings and convert for permits? Specifically light weight construction like M2 or steel stud style Const. Instead of the typical concrete and block?

Hello Charlie,

When you state you want to buy a home near the beach and town Can you tell us what that means to you? What kind of home are you interested in? How close to the beach do you want to be? Which town would you like to be in?

I have connections to one of the best real estate people here and a couple of the best attorneys as well. The real estate broker does not believe in "selling" properties as much as showing properties and let the property sell themselves. He has directed a lot of people from disasters at his expense.

If you want some recommendations let me know.

Best of luck

Try Majagual. It is near Panama city and close to beach and mountains. Just over the bridge from Panama City. Take the first turn to the right after the bridge from Panama City, drive through  the village of Vera Cruz and you get to Majagual. I know there are some nice homes for sale there.

most foreigner have left Majagual because of the high crime
abandoned, vandalized homes and trash all over the area
drive around and see for your self

@ ucatchme25
go to the Municipio for the best advise

Buying property anywhere needs you to be there.
You must see the location based on climate/garbage/crime and the amenities of shops/banks/medical.

You can not depend on those who are interested in profiting from your purchase.
There was good advice in "you need to be here if you are constructing your own home"

I house sat for some friends who were constructing a 2nd home and the amount of 'down time' of the workmen was incredible.
I have seen walls fall down.
I am in construction of a 3 story 6 unit 2 bdrm condo/hotel project in Playa Gorgona and if my business partner and I weren't on site every day --- well lets say I wouldn't want to live in it after it was finished!!! We are not selling only renting.

hope you can figure it out, Panama is a great place

@ Live FREE Go International
you forgot the Yearly Property Taxes and Monthly Maintenance fees

@triffic Yes of course you have to pay property taxes and if you have an apartment or live in a gated community there are maintenance fees - where can you live in the world that doesn't have these fees?
They can be something to consider.
However when I had a 3 bd apartment in Panama City my maintenance was a fraction of my friends who own a smaller condo in Canada. And I had security and a pool
Property taxes can vary and now Panama doesn't have the exemption anymore on new built it is a consideration.
Thank you for pointing that out

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