Pets in Tunisia

Hello everyone,

Many of us in Tunisia have four-legged friends. What about you? Do you have one or more pets? Share your experience with us!

What are the formalities to import pets in Tunisia? What about pet adoption procedures in the country? Did you bring your pet from your home country to your host country? If so, did everything turn out fine?

What do Tunisians think about pets? Are they comfortable with dogs, cats or unusual pets?

Share your advice!


Personally I would not bring pets in from another country.  We have so many animals who have no homes here.  I have adopted 2 dogs from the street.  They are loved very much and are so loyal.  I encourage everyone to adopt an animal from the street and love it and care about it.  Now we even have an organisation Against Animal Abuse Tunisa who have organised free vaccinations for dogs and cats.  They will come to your area with this service.  You should make sure your pets have the vaccination against rabies as this is quite prevalent in Tunisia.

Rescuing even one animal is the best thing you can do.

I brought my two big dogs from the US to Tunisia and I really regret it. Dogs are viewed as dirty, so my husband's family was very unhappy about them living in our house. My dogs were always spoiled--they slept in my bed for 8 years and always had a dogsitter when I was out of town. They were always well-groomed and everything. Here, they don't have those kinds of services. I got pregnant and could not keep up with their shedding, so my husband and his family moved them to our farm just before my baby was born. They say I cannot take care of a baby and dogs at the same time. Now my dogs are living in a warehouse on a cement floor. They get little attention and eat only bread and water. I am not able to go to them everyday, but my husband does to feed them. It's not the same as them having their mom with them to love and spoil them. It breaks my heart and I feel like I've failed them. I lost the fight. We have taken in two puppies as well, who are happy at the farm because that's the only life they've known, and they are free to run around since they won't run away or attack other animals like my dogs will if let loose. We've also rescued many kittens. There are many stray animals here, so if you can give them loving homes, that would be wonderful.

I am going to move to Tunisia permanently in January and will be bringing my 2 dogs with me. They are small house dogs. One is 12 and one is 6.
I have no reason to adopt any further dogs as I have had these 2 for years, and if I have to travel I have another American friend with 2 dogs of her own to babysit them.
While I am all in favor of animal rescue, it is not right to advise people not to bring their own pets or to adopt street pets. Not knowing what they have been through can be a recipe for disaster. I have witnessed the dogs being treated horribly and I would never bring an abused dog into my home. You can never be certain if the dog will come after you.
People can say what they wish. If they believe that dogs are dirty that is their right, they do not have to visit my home. My dogs are kept clean and groomed at all times.
If my dogs happen to die, which is going to come about given their ages, I will then go back to a breeder that I know and trust to purchase another dog of my choosing.

I am moving there in the next few months and taking my 2 dogs and a cat with me.   They are family just like my own children.  They are former show dogs and will not be staying outside.   I have taken my one dog with me everytime I go to visit my husband and he has no issue with my dog crashing on the sofa or at the foot of the bed.   He is a emotional support animal and if he couldn't go or live indoors I wouldn't go.

Hello guys  .
me too I  have a cute Belgian malinois and I love animals !
but to say the truth not everyone here in Tunisia love animals . I know it's sad and awful .. but If you love you pets you gotta take care of them no matter what . and there are clubs and good places to walk you dogs and play with them here . so if you are coming here and need help contact me .
Good bye

I understand from these posts that Tunisian societay doesn´t love pets. In my case, I´m moving with my husband who´s also a foreign like me, so our dog will live with us.  My dog is a old female very pasive, who doesn´t move too much and she´s not used to walk a lot as she likes to be pet and sleep under the sun most of the day.
Anyway I´m afraid now from these comments that she cannot live in peace in a house with a small garden because people doesn´t love dogs. Is this something to really be worry? I don´t depend on other to take care of her, except for babbysitting her on holidays or finding a good place to live. I´m open to advises, as I don´t want to leave here as she is with me since 6 years ago.

On finding a place to live do not worry.  Most places if you rent the apartment or house you can do as you wish with it.  I moved here with my 2 dogs and a cat.  My husband is Tunisian.  Though it is not the cultural norm my dogs and cat live in my apartment with me and go for walks with no problem.  If the person doesn't like them they usually go to the other side of the road.  Then I get the curious people who want to pet the dog but are afraid.  Had a couple little girls so excited that the dog didn't bite they wanted to keep it.  There are a lot of stray dogs and cats.  The cats are very aggressive.

I will gladly puppy sit for you also.

Thanks so much for your answer! It makes me to feel relieved.
I´m starting the process with the veterinarian at my country to check the procedures and training my dog to sleep on a cage. As I will move first and I will bring my dog one month later, I´m thinking that she catch a flight from Argentina to Europe, so I can pickup there and I will do the rest of the trip together to Tunis.

What do you think about this idea? maybe you have experience travelling from US to Europe.
Do you think is good to tell the owner of the house I will rent that I will bring a dog later?

I appreciate the offer for babysitting my dog, she´s adorable and very polite.

I will keep in contact when we finally moved overthere.

My dogs came to me 3 months after I was here. Depending on the dogs size it would be more cost efficient to keep her in the cabin with you.
I have 2 small dogs and different carriers gave estimates from $3,000 up to $7,000 to ship them. I was unable to travel at the time so I bought someone a round trip ticket and added one to cargo and one in the cabin. He is only 3-4 pounds so he fit under the seat easily.
Most of the people in the neighborhood are fascinated by the dogs and usually if I walk them when school let's out they get lots of attention.

Wow... that´s a considerable amount !
I can´t carry with me as my dog weight 35 kilograms more or less.
I will check with airline how much is it.


Lufthansa was the best priced. Your dog could go in cargo for $200.

great to hear the comments about bringing a dog as when I come I will be bringing my Standard Poodle with me.

Looking to buy a female kanish in tunis.

Hi everyone,

@ Yosrijessie, please drop an advert in the proper section of the website : Tunis classifieds > Pets.

Thanks in advance,

will be bringing my Standard Poodle out at the end of February We will be coming into Tunis Airport she will be travelling in the hold. Just wondered if anybody on the forum had brought a dog in and what happens when you land at the airport.

I could not do that to my pets , those dogs will not understand what is happening . You should try to find a loving home for them together .lots of women have baby’s and still love and look after their pets .
I find this story upsetting you take in ,all these   Animals  don’t they take time to look after ? Yet you starve the two that showed you love and loyalty


I flew both of my dogs in. Once they arrived they were claimed in the luggage area and brought out to the front area of the airport.

Good to loving  in Hammam Chatt terrible   here how much strey cat living in this area  and are very aggressive  derty  and sick. Is couple  have same  dogs and cat. But not in good condition. Of health. And clean.can someone. Do something  please? Rue de la Mauritanie 31.Hammam Chatt
Thank you

Hi, I wanna ask, if you have any good tips for activities or where to go with a dog. I'm in Tunis with my dog for 2 months. Thnx.

My female loves walking all over. I live close to 2 schools and she knows exactly when the let out for lunch and at the end of the day and wants to walk so that she can get all the attention possible from the kids.
My male is 15 and will walk about 100 yards and then sit and wants to be carried. My husband has no problem with him and he walks fine with him to the café each night. He is selective with the activity he wants to do.
Even with small dogs people will cross the street to avoid them, just try to be courteous and slow the walk until they get away. I have noticed that about 75% are terrified of dogs of any size.

Just for all your information . We are coming into tick season. Make sure you get Frontline from the pharmacy and re apply monthly. This is a huge problem here especially if they are long hair. You should also be rigorous in checking daily for them. Also ensure that vaccine and working etc are up to date.

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