Pets in the East Timor

Hello everyone,

Many of us in the East Timor have four-legged friends. What about you? Do you have one or more pets? Share your experience with us!

What are the formalities to import pets in the East Timor? What about pet adoption procedures in the country? Did you bring your pet from your home country to your host country? If so, did everything turn out fine?

What do East Timorese think about pets? Are they comfortable with dogs, cats or unusual pets?

Share your advice!


Hello Priscilla,

I don't really have four-legged friends in Timor Leste (formerly known as East Timor.) From what I heard, it was not so easy to import pets to Timor Leste. I know someone who brought his dogs and cats to Dili, Timor Leste, and he had to go through a lengthy and painful process. He had to spend a lot of money for quarantine fees in Australia, and wait for a long time for the clearance from Timor Leste. After almost a year, he finally got his pets. What a relief for him. I just cannot picture myself going through the same process. Not if I can help it.

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