Pets in Dominican Republic

Hello everyone,

Many of us in Dominican Republic have four-legged friends. What about you? Do you have one or more pets? Share your experience with us!

What are the formalities to import pets in Dominican Republic? What about pet adoption procedures in the country? Did you bring your pet from your home country to your host country? If so, did everything turn out fine?

What do Dominicans think about pets? Are they comfortable with dogs, cats or unusual pets?

Share your advice!


I think the Dominicans treat their animals differently from the likes of me being British or any other countries. There are too many stray animals   I cry when I see those cats and dogs in the street. I have a little dog of my own in puerto plata and everyone in my street were shocked at how I treat him. As I feed him like good stuff I bathe him and genuinely look after him like a baby. That's just me but I strongly believe u have to look after an animal. If anyone knows somewhere I can help look after animals like trying to rescue them please let me know. Thanx everyone

Many expats here use dogs as part of their "security" system and many if not most (especially if living in a villa rather than a condo) have one or two.  We had two, a small dog (the barker) and a large Rottie (the biter).  Sadly we lost our Rottie to cancer this year so now just have the barker.

Bringing dogs/cats into the country is very easy and only requires a health certificate (filled in by your home vet) and a $10 fee when you land at the airport.  That is it.  However the airlines will not allow dogs (shipped in the cargo area) if the temperature is over 90 degrees (may be slightly different that this) at either the sending or receiving airport.  So bringing dogs during the summer may be difficult unless they are flying in the cabin with you (small dogs). 

There are lots and I mean lots (especially here on the north coast) of local volunteer groups working with stray, abused, lost, abandoned, street dogs.  Street and or beach dogs (belonging to no one) sometimes can be a problem and there many of these organizations that try to make sure most get "fixed".  Local Dominicans do not in general respect or treat their animals very well and they are often abused.  This too is a problem here.   Also many Dominicans are afraid of dogs, especially the big ones, which is why so many Expats use them for security, especially the larger breeds like Rotties, Dobermans, German shepards, ridgebacks and such.

Bob K

Hi Bob k. Can u tell me any names or addresses in Puerto plata I could go and help for dog shelters.  If I win the lottery I'm building homes for them. That's my dream anyway.

There are two in the Sosua area.  I am traveling for he weekend but will be home on Tuesday and will look up their contact information for you then.  They do very good work.

One you might google is Judy's pet lodge in Sosua.  One of the major organizations are based at here facility.


Thanx Bob. How is the weather Puerto now?

Still wet.  I am in the US right now but my wife says showers again this morning.

Bob K

Omg. I'm in Scotland  I go back next Friday I spoke with my hubby and our house is fine but my little dog couldn't get out for a p so I was informed my hubby caught him lifting his leg against the bathroom door lol at least he knew the correct room. Thanx so much for replying.

There are lots of groups who do animal rescue in POP and  area.  The only location that I know of is in Luperon and they need help both financially and bodies when they do construction and dog and cat clinics. There is one I believe  Dec 17 in Costambar.  Come on over and help! 

And then cut my hair......hahahahaha.

I have a rescue in my apartment for a few days, she is a little sweetie. BUT,  was covered in fleas and not treated properly at the vets. NOW I am dealing with that this weekend. YUCKKKKKK.

Weather -  rain last night. Looking like more rain today, I hope it holds off long enough to get my laundry dried!

No problem what's so ever. That's a date. Hopefully I do a good job for u and u recommend me. How's the weather now?  I live in ensanches luperon not far from la sirena. My suitcase is brimming. I have like lamps and light shades etc lol. Just too expensive there for things and also my ingredients for my Scottish homemade soup. I look forward to meeting u. Remember keep ure wee eyes and ears open for me for work please. In hairdressing or anything really. I works for lifestyle before but it was on computers and I'm not too great. Thanx for replying. Xcx

I have 2 dogs, a 75 lb Pit Bull from birth, who is now 1.5 years old and one inherited 14 yo giant caribbean yellow dog. They are spoiled, run free, and live in a small Mountain Village, La Peña near Jarabacoa. They get fed dry Alpo and are regularly dewormed. The 14 yo is healthy as a horse and has never seen a vet in his life. He comes from indigenous stock and suffers fleas but few ticks. The Pit is 100% pure love and is the village greeter ! Which scares many Dominicans. He is an imposing looking Payaso, but very friendly and non aggressive. They sleep on the front porch with their Kitty, Mish-Mish and although this is a totally crime free community (something I am sure coastal residents are not accustomed too) I sleep soundly knowing they are on the job ! The Pit has more skin problems and ticks. There is also a fly that lays larvae in wounds on animals called Mata Gusano. All Vet. Stores sell a spray that kills the larvae. A good sized worm. There is a great Vet near Sosua named Dr Bob. A great person and Veterinarian. These dogs live a carefree country existence with farmers who tend to treat their animals much better than urban Dominicans. No strays and not much turf turmoil. My dogs are probably the only ones fed dry dog food, and are strong and healthy due to their good diet. Kitty gets dry food, but I had to cut him back a bit because he was not going after vermin as when he is a little hungrier ! 34 years ago, the major population of dogs here was of the Caribbean Yellow Dog variety. With increased tourism, and Dominicans bringing dogs home from Nueva York, there are all manner of Muttleys running around the Island. You will note, that Farm and agricultural people in the interior treat their animals as members of the family and a part of their household. They are not knitting them little dog sweaters or having "Pet Parades" .... I feed 3 or 4 dogs who live in the River Confluence Park, 2 or 3 times a week. I have treated a couple for Piojitos. I have been feeding one female for 3 years since she was a tiny puppy. You do what you can for the unfortunate ones. True dog lovers can find a mission on every corner ! Sometimes you just have to steel your heart to the realities of Poverty in Paradise.

We are in Las Terrenas and the amount of street dogs and beach dogs is overwhelming. The upside is that people try hard not to run them over when in the streets and alot seem to be fed by the local meat vendors. Not all though. Many are thin and have horrid skin conditions.  Alot of my country neighbors don't seem to feed their pets well either so we have made friends with the local dogs because we often bring them a bit of dry food to eat.  I must confess though that my home country is no better.  I have seen horrible cases of abuse there like the beautiful shep mix dropped at a dump site brought home by the elderly person who worked there only to be chained to a tree with a heavy car chain in the mud with barely any water or food.  She became aggressive and was put down after refusing to let our rescue group take her....She is now my poster dog child if you will.... I thank God have NOT seen such abuse here! 

There is a vet here named Coco Dog who raises money to get the street dogs fixed. If anyone is in this area and wants to help them out they would surely be grateful!

Yes, Las Terrenas is a tourist zone with a of transient people, and employees coming and going. Some abandon their animals. It is shameful !  We do not see any strays in the deep campo.

You see a lot of gringos fondling the filthy street mutts in restaurants, then get up and handle the food utensiles, etc. Makes me feel like puking.

Obviously not a dog person !

Or.....those gringos dont know how filthy those street dogs are.  Mangy, flea ridden and rolling around in shit all day, and people handle them, then eat their hamburger and fries.....with the same fingers!  No wonder so many people get parasites, etc

You do not get parasites from petting dogs **! Stick to frying chicken Colonel !

I'm a animal lover and don't live in DR yet but another member on this forum was telling me she volunteers at clinics in Sosua giving medical attention to area dogs and cats which I thought was a great way to spend time. Hopefully they can get the strays spayed and nurtured and it will cut down on so many animals suffering without homes and attention.

Unless you are handling their feces or letting them lick you. You have issues .... how can you stand being outside your Safety Zone ?

Okay lets lighten up, no personal insults please!

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