Pets in Brazil

Hello everyone,

Many of us in Brazil have four-legged friends. What about you? Do you have one or more pets? Share your experience with us!

What are the formalities to import pets in Brazil? What about pet adoption procedures in the country? Did you bring your pet from your home country to your host country? If so, did everything turn out fine?

What do Brazilians think about pets? Are they comfortable with dogs, cats or unusual pets?

Share your advice!


I have dog. It is wonderful and as a friend.

I have 2 cats, The one was an abandoned female left on my doorstep as a kitten. The other is a male that came to visit her and decided to stay. ( she is fixed)  Both are adorable and follow me around everywhere I go .


we have 4 dogs Leo, Conquer, Lorry, and Layla,
Leo is the oldest, and just over 3 1/2, Layla is just over 1, (human years)
the only thing is they all clime a 5 foot wall and roll in poo

I am lucky to have neighbors that have pets. Birds, cats and dogs. I love pets that I am not responsible for but can still play with. I go next door and feed bananas to the Macaw and Parrot daily. Yes, both are legally acquired. I have a feeling the kids will talk me into a pet real soon, but I will try to hold out as long as possible. We travel a lot and the responsibility will hinder that. I regularly have to feed my in-laws cat when they travel and sometimes it's an inconvenience with driving to their house each day.

Hi all
some one has just offered a dog
this dog has 3 legs,
one eye,
one ear,
1/2 a nose,
8 of its teeth are missing
its tale is missing as well
and his name is lucky

I usally feed the dog next door for he makes the rounds in the neighborhood, we call him the " Police Dog" for he is always on patrol, he has several homes he visits each day one for each meal, breakfast lunch and dinner. He usally shows up here for his late night snack as I'll buy some soup bones from the local meat shop and boil them off for the guy. He's great at starting fights also  and rules the neighborhood with his crazy self he's about 20 pounds and remember it's not the size of the dog it's the fight in the dog/lol, he gets along well with the local dogs, yet let a stray show up and it's action and hilarious for the chase is on he just's harasses them and returns to be king of the street. He is a timed creature and he doesn't like his snack to be late. He eats well for he has life good and when he's on Patrol life is good. I have owned dogs for maybe 30 years and it is a lot of care and finding good care when one travels is always a challenge. We have a bird across the street and I entertain with a whistle and that bird puts up a noise racket. It was funny the other night for the owners let him on the gate during a rainstorm and the crazy bird jumped out into a puddle and took  bath and proceeded to return up the gate and flap his wings. Eventually I will maybe get another dog yet one of a protective nature as of now due to crime possibility the Dogo Argentina is being highly considered. I have owned and breed Rottweilers and Boxers so I favor Bulldogs yet if it bites the criminal all is good.

I have a pet bird "Black Headed Caique". and I'm in the process of bringing in to Brazil
Lots of paper work compared to dog or cat..
anyone already done this ??   what you guys did to import a pet bird?

Pets are great!!!   However, when someone is sleeping and they have a headache or have worked all night and have a dog bark during the day, it is extremely undesirable.  I call it noise pollution and total rudeness.  If your dog barks in your yard, please keep the barking noise in your yard, not my home!!!!  For me, this barking is totally disrespectful and rude!!!  It is even worse when I go to the beach for peace and tranquility and have to listen to a dog barking because his/her owner is totally uncaring.  It is almost like forcefully bully trying to ruin somebody's else's day!!!!!!!  I do not blame the dog.  I blame the stupid owner!!!!

a bird, Why do you let if fly there, and then you wont have to any paperwork
No one will notice it flying there

for what ive seen of Brazil, there's loads of dogs running loos
and most bark al night, so if you don't like to listen to barking dog's Don't come to Brazil

Your opinion is duly noted.

Most modern cities have laws that are suppose to prevent dogs from running run loose in cities like London, Houston, Paris, New York, etc.  If a dog is caught loose, it is then taken to a city pound for adoption by a responsible owner or otherwise taken care of.  For me, it is simple respect for other person's rights. 

Have a nice day!!!!

Brazil is a country if "IF's. Most of people, that come to Brazil, Know it's a country of "IF's",
I believe Brazil, has laws for everything, but they don't have the money, people and the will to be able to enforce these laws,
Brazil is the third World, that's why most of as are here

Interesting!!!  Hopefully with the impeachment of Dilma and many other people being put in jail for coruption, etc., some things will change for the better here in Brasil.  Brasil has many, many very smart and friendly people and I have many good friends here.  I hope for the best and "TRY" to accept the other not so good items.  Have a great day!!!

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