Outdoors yoga experience @alshaheed park

would u like to have a outdoors yoga workout in the Friday morning !? Join us 9 am @ alshaheed park on Friday ;) 🙏

where is this park , can you give address  with more detail .

This class is only on coming Friday or every Friday ?

Hi, it's every Friday morning ! Start at 9 am .bring the yoga mat and water bottle with u :)

Thanks . any fees for that ?

Soor street --opposite al Tijaria Tower , Kuwait city

It's free ☺️

Hi Silentme,

It will be better if you post the event here : Events in Kuwait. It will benefit from more visibility and members will be able to notify their participation.

All the best,

ok . Thanks

Hi.. good day. are you still having a outdoor Yoga in the park? is it mixed?

Hi! every Friday at 9 am , the class is mixed . u r welcome :)

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