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Am an architect. I need a job in America

I need a job in America

Hello moyopeyh,

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Feel free to download our US expat guide which gather useful information that will help you throughout your job hunt.

I also suggest you to post an advert in the Jobs in the USA section of the website.

Good luck  :cheers:


moyopeyh :

I need a job in America

That's nice, but the important question is: does an American job/employer need you?

How do I know if they need me

With the elections just finished in USA and Donald Trump's election promise to toughen up on immigration, jobs for Americans etc etc etc, you may find it impossible to find a job there.

Sorry to sound so negative but that's the truth of the matter.

There are many architects in the US who have difficulty finding positions in the US. I don't see why a company who will not hire an architect who already lives in the US would want to hire someone that they would then also have to pay for a visa and to relocate.

Sorry but that is the truth and I would second what Stumpy said.

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