Hello everyone! I have questions about the EEA FP. I am married to a Romanian and I am Filipino. We just recently married, and I have a temporary residence permit here in Romania. Both me and my husbad wants to work and live in UK. Currently, my husband just finished his work contract in Spain and we both wished to work in UK. We searched in the internet about this EEA FP. But since my husband has no work yet in UK. Is it advisable for me to apply for this EEA even though he is a job seeker for the moment?  OR its better that he go to UK first to work? And then apply for it?
And is it advisable to put in the application that me and my husband want to work in the UK?  PLEASE HELP ME.. and if anyone can tell me what documents needed for this EEA FP i would be so grateful! 😍😍😍

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Thank you!!! :)

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