Safe for a woman in Abuja? Recommended areas?

Is it comfortable and/or safe for a woman to be living alone in Abuja? I would be living with someone else for the majority of the time, but I am sure there will be instances where this person would have to go to their hometown or visit other relatives.  I am quite obviously foreign - basically look like I have never seen the light of day, haha. My biggest concern I suppose is break-ins, etc... Are there any neighborhoods you recommend me checking out that might have higher security and/or a higher concentration of expats?

Dear DarkHorse,

We have many  private housing estates in Abuja and most of them are safe.
Local  residents and expatraiates do not experience break-ins.

Your life and properties are also well protected by these private housing
estate managements. They also have their own private security guards
who maintain a 24hour security watch over their estates.

You can find such estates at Maitama, Asokoro, Wuse Zone 5,
Wuse zone 6 and  Zone 7. These areas are safe and well protected.
Gwarinpa too is safe for expats.

There are other safe areas but I cannot outline them all.

More than that, Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. There are many
ambassadors here, expatriates, staff of international organizations
and staff of  NGOS' here. For these reasons, we have a secured 24-hour
security protection provided by the Nigerian Police for both expatriates
and locals.

It is very rare to hear that an expatriate was robbed or harmed in Abuja.

Please feel safe to visit Abuja. Your host too can confirm the safety of this city.

When you visit, I will be glad to show you around.

Feel free, Abuja is safe. Abuja welcomes you.



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