Arrival procedure at Tana Airport (biometric)

is finger printing and photo taking necessary at Tana airport. One of my friend was not done this while he arrived at the airport, Please advise what he need to do, would he have any difficulty when he depart from Tana later. Note his passport is stamped by the officer and he has kept safe the boarding pass of the landing flight and ticket. Please advise what needs to be done. Thanks

As a resident I was fingerprinted only once on Arrival (no photo) several years ago             ( about 5 years ago) coming through TNR. After that I was never finger printed again on arrival and never on departure.  My last departure and return to Madagascar was 2016 and was not fingerprinted.
Odds are your friend will not have any problems because the airport rules are inconsistent, untrained staff and the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.  All a great advantage to the traveler who is flexible to the meandering flow of the system of  loose government.

I have stood on line waiting for entry or even next at the window when the police officer is handed a stack of 4 to 7 passports, through a side window by a enterprising airport worker or travel guide and I will wait for those passports to be stamped, those people unseen and those people were also not fingerprinted.

Thanks TropicAlex for your input. I consulted experts and they said that your friend did what was required of him and officer did what was required by him, may be its not a mandatory.

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