Moving to Gibraltar

I have taken a permanent job in Gibraltar, know little of the place, so any information regarding money, rental accommodation, what ex pats do in an evening, anything really.  My current plan is to arrive Sunday 27th November.


You can use Uk currency in Gib. I still use my UK account for salary, paying bills etc. However, it depends where you intend to live. Gib property is expensive to rent but convenient location-wise, Spanish property cheaper but you have the daily commute, language etc. to overcome. Also depends if you have kids of school age as you may not want to put them into the Spanish system if they don't speak Spanish.

There is plenty to do outside of work, it really depends if you like to socialise or engage in sports. The best thing to do is to explore when you get here, there's plenty of choice.

As an aside I used to work in HH, down Perrymount Road - it's a small world...

Its a small world.

Banks used to be in Haywards Heath, now 1st Central Insurance.

I am the wrong shape for sport.

I will be alone, but can only ask for a beer in Spanish, so that is a maybe.  If it is a "commute" is that the two hours like into London, or a hop & jump.

Thanks for your help




I live in Gib so I don't really know that much about living in Spain. If cost is an issue then perhaps a small apartment in La Linea would be suitable, otherwise a small one bed apartment in Gib might set you back circa up to £1000 per month. There's a couple of pages on facebook that will give you a good indication of rental prices.

People in my office commute from various locations in Spain; Sotogrande (about 25 minutes to the border) or even as far as Marbella (about an hour).  You then need to add in time to get through the border and then distance to your office. Many people use foldable bicycles.

If you're not into sports then a few of the local bars would probably be happy with your custom!!

Al … ion=torent

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