How can i get my tourist visa if i dont have coe ?

Hi everyone! Im new here.
I just need your sugestion, i have boyfriend in belguim he want me to visit him in belguim but i have a problem in some requirements, our company would not release my coe with indicate i was three months leave.
My question is, how can i get my tourist visa if i dont have coe and i dont have also business to show them ? Please help me about this problem...

Apply a visit visa.
Just present a funds that u can tour there with ur own money.
Dont tell u will go there to see ur bf.
Just tell the officer that u will go there for tourism

I'm afraid that your visa will be denied if you do not have business or documents about stable job. EU is very strict about it.

Thank you !

Hello everyone,

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hi. may i know how much fund is needed to show them..?

Only my bf have fund. I only have a little pocket money

So, what im going to do now?y

It is not about funds. You MUST have proof of employment, job or business. Otherwise your visa will be SURELY denied.


    - Signed and fully-filled up Schengen Visa Application Form
    - Two 45 mm x 35 mm photos – against white background, nothing covering the face, with mouth closed
   - Valid passport and photocopies of valid and used visas (if any), and photocopies of all pages with departure and arrival stamps; if there are old passports, include and photocopy said pages as well
    - Cover letter explaining the purpose of the trip addressed to the French Consul. The details and trip itinerary must be stated in the cover letter (from arrival, to accommodations, attractions to be seen, and departure dates).
    - Round trip ticket reservations. There are a number of airline companies that allow reservations without payment.
    - Accommodation vouchers/reservations. The embassy requires that you have hotel reservations and if you wish to DIY, you can reserve hotels through with the leisure of paying later / canceling with no additional charge. Be sure to include ALL hotel reservations (all countries included in your itinerary) and that the days match your itinerary.
   - Proof of employment so that the embassy will have an idea where your finances are coming from and that you have a reason to come back.
        Certificate of employment with monthly salary
        Approved leave of absence
        If self-employed, official business registration
        Retired: no need ☺
    Proof of income such as ITR, Bank Certification, 3 months Statement of Account of the same bank account, UITF/Investment Certificates (if any). If someone else is paying for the trip, submit said financial documents of the sponsor and have it notarized
    If Single, an NSO Birth Certificate is required.
    If Married, a marriage certificate is required.
    Travel insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000. I got mine from Philippine British Assurance Company (through the assistance of our insurance agent). Make sure that it covers medical expenses and repatriation and that the chosen travel insurance company is accredited by the embassy.
    Visa Fee and Service Fee
    PHOTOCOPY ALL YOUR REQUIREMENTS AND APPLICATION FORM. The embassy will not return your original documents if you submit without photocopies. The lady just got the photocopies and stamped them with ORIGINAL SEEN.

You MUST have all of it.

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