The Khmer writing system. Is it difficult?

The Khmer writing system is one the the most interesting writing systems that I've come across, because of it's dependent and independent vowel symbols. Khmer from what I have read is easier to learn than the Thai writing system, which is a language system like Lao that are derived from  Khmer. Does anyone here have in depth knowledge of the writing system. There appears to be a writing stroke order like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean from the hand writing samples that I have looked at. Vietnamese is the only language that does not derive it's letters from Khmer, instead you have a strange form of the Latin alphabet. Burmese is a alphabet system that is within an entirely different grouping of languages.

I find it very difficult to pick up, and I have some experience studying languages with different writing systems (Greek, Korean, a smidgen of Mandarin). However, I have spoken to others who find it easy enough. As with all language learning issues, it's a case of effort, patience, and open-mindedness.

Unfortunately Khmer has no close relatives. Thai (and, by extension, Lao) has a different origin and while the alphabets may be related, the two are in no way mutually intelligible. Vietnamese is closer, but not enough to make a difference, and the writing system was based on Chinese characters until the French colonial authorities had it replaced with a Roman script (this seems to have been an anti-Chinese thing - if anything similar was even attempted in Cambodia it definitely didn't stick).

There does seem to be a stroke order when writing Khmer, but it is not observed strictly in everyday use.

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