Marriage Abroad - Change of Name

My wife (brazilian) and I were married abroad. We have an authenticated copy of our marriage certificate from the brazilian consulate where we got married. The foreign marriage certificate carries my wife's maiden name. Note the marriage was not registered with the brazilian consulate (only authenticated) as they told us it was easier to do it in Brazil (it seemed like this was a hassle for them and they were not too keen to do it for some reason).

We are planning to go to brazil where she will have to register her marriage at the cartorio. The question I have is: what is the procedure for her to adopt my last name? Is this done during the registration process? Does something have to be done prior to that?

If someone has any experience with this I would really appreciate some guidance as I have struggled to find the information.


They will only register it in the name as it appears on the authenticated copy.

In the same's not easy at all, needs to be done through a lawyer.
It sucks

So then what is the easiest way to go about it? Should we hold off on registering the marriage in brazil and go back to the consulate and ask them to process a name change? Or is the only way to go through a lawyer?

I have the some problem as well, being married in England, and the only way we can change the name is by deed poll back in England
I don't mind if the wafe go's back to England, but she don't trust me, because Im a bad boy LOL

I think you will have to change the original document. You should be able to do it without a Lawyer.


So does anyone know what is the exact procedure? Because the foreign marriage certificate will obviously carry her maiden name. At the moment all I have is the foreign certificate authenticated by the consulate. Will the Brazilian consulate agree to register the marriage certificate with her married name (i.e. my name)? Because from what you said earlier I am not able to register here in Brazil as they will use maiden name and she will not be given the option to change her name at the cartorio on registration.

It feels like a chicken and egg situation and I don't understand where to start...

What needs to be done at the consulate so that I can register it once properly at the cartorio in brazil?


You might want to start at the consulate and see what they require. i don't know how to answer it.

my English marriage certificate to my Brazilian wife has here maiden name on it
and we had the certificate translated in brazil, and we have no problems at all with any documents at all

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