UK-Born Citizen, currently living in USA, married to Brazilian!


Born in Norfolk, UK
Moved to USA aged 16 when mum remarried and relocated there
Married Brazilian wife in 2015
Now want to move back to UK to live

My plan was to move back in January 2017, get a job ASAP paying around $24000+ and then apply for my wife, hoping we can be reunited within 3 months or so.

I am having major panic attacks though, as I am only now reading elsewhere that I have to be in my job for 6 months in the UK BEFORE I can apply to bring here. I have not seen this on the UKBP website or anywhere "official".

Can anyone please clarify?

I believe that there is a threshold for earnings too..... £18,600.  The $24,000 you mention would cover this.

Usually, you have to provide 6 months of payslips/financial information, so I imagine   thats it.   It also seems to depend upon your financial status in terms of income /savings at the time of application, so I don't think that there is an official '6 month rule'.

Please refer to the following link:

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