Nothing but hassle

This country just seems to be getting worse and worse. I have had nothing but trouble with banks of late. Well started months ago when the cash machines at Banco Popular  just refused to accept my card, checked with bank back home ,they said there is no problem with the card 

Tried o find out from Banco Popular what the problem is, but of course, I might as well task the cat next-door.

Then I tried Banco Santa Cruz and they were very good, well at least until the last couple of weeks. To save the hassle of unreliable cash machines here I normally withdraw over-the-counter. Been doing that for months no problem. So two weeks ago I go in there did the usual thing and was informed my card was not working. Thought must be problem back home, so called bank back home and they assured me the card is working perfectly okay there is nothing wrong with it.

So went back to Santa Cruz again hour later and this time the card worked and nobody could explain why didn't the first time!

so yesterday, two weeks later, go again and the same crap again, card refused and again no explanation as to why ...again tried again later but this time no dice! so now I'm in a load of hassle can't get money from Banco Popular cash machine, can't get money over  counter in Santa Cruz and my rent is due and I am stuffed and worried as to what's going to happen,  as nothing seems to work and nobody has an explanation or don't seem to care very much in any case.

Checked with my bank back home again just to be sure and yes the card is working perfectly ..well except of course in this God damn place.

And yesterday a friend told me he stopped using Santa Cruz a while ago, because their ATM will not accept cash card with chip any more, which is kind of crazy since most cards have chips these days I would have thought... Talk about going backwards!

This place really is a shambles, nothing ever works whether it's electric ,banks or whatever- and to top it all outside its under several feet of water with all the rain , so can't even leave to go to the bank.

I've really had enough of this place! I have decided screw all this hassle, I'm going to live in a more civilised country!

So come New Year is goodbye DR and good riddance, nothing in this place will ever work properly and seems it's getting worse every year.

PS finally found an ATM which seemed to accept card ,went through all the steps got the point Please take your cash   - and guess what no cash came out  Bloody unbelievable!!!!
Will now have to get in contact with my bank to see if the cash has been taken from my account in cases it was fraud.
As I said screw this country I'm out of here!!

Wow!! I am going to quit whining! I thought I had it rough trying to get a development at Ocean Village approved by the bank in order to get my villa financed. 4 months and still waiting. But, nothing like this...

@Precision Engineer

Well there are people who have it even worse believe me. Specially gringos crazy enough to drive cars in this country.  I know a guy who had an accident after renting car and a drunken idiot Dominican ran into him at night, no lights, no insurance, no helmet-  but guess who was at fault  yes the innocent gringo of course .
Next minute shyster lawyers trying to get money off this guy, he was arrested had his passport taken away and was not allowed to leave his country The guy had a family back home struggling without him. And business back home and lost everything from what I hear  because he could not go back without a passport.
If things go well here Everything is fairly easy. but in case something goes wrong like that, they will screw you for everything you got ,without mercy.

A little thing like you being completely innocent, doesn't come into it, you are a gringo therefore you are at fault and you will pay.  Another reason I want to get out of here. A country which has so little respect for the rule of law , is a disaster waiting to happen.

I am sorry to hear of this.  Clearly this place is not for everyone, sounds like the right decision for you.   

Some days are better then others here that is for sure!

Get a bank account in this country ! I have Banco Popular and have never had a problem. Whoever your are, you will not be missed !!

Wow we are terribly ashamed and sorry, we are losing a great gringo.... How are we gonna live our dominican lives without youuuuu my man, please dont goooo.


Cracked me up too!!!

RDE1000 :

Wow we are terribly ashamed and sorry, we are losing a great gringo.... How are we gonna live our dominican lives without youuuuu my man, please dont goooo.

I see your sadness in his leaving so I'm willing to send you an unlimited supply of tissues as emergency aid. I hope this will be mirrored by the UN who I will immediately petition in order to secure a plane load of grief counsellors sent to you free of charge.
Countries just can't carry on without expats moaning on about how rubbish the country THEY CHOSE to live in is really crap.

I demand all countries immediate put a system in place that copies major cities from every country so expats can live there without noticing they've left their home country, meaning they never have to moan about anything. I realise the weather control systems will have to be invented and most locals will have to undergo serious language courses and genetic modification in order to make them look and sound like natives of a variety of countries, but all this will be worth it if the OP changes his mind and stays.

One for the OP … e-36974420

A city in New Zealand now features a cash machine-like terminal that asks people about their feelings instead of dispensing money.

Well, just seen the comments made since my post. Seems one cannot make any Comments or relate experiences without a load of nasty comments and Troll like remarks.
This is 2016, I have just chosen to live in another place were things work properly like banks, electric and where one cannot be fleeced by shyster lawyers, etc - if anybody has a problem with that, tough.
Troll away, I could not care less!
And as for this poster-

"...and most locals will have to undergo serious language courses and genetic modification in order to make them look and sound like natives of a variety of countries,"

Actually I speak 4 languages fluently, including Spanish, so you can stick your smart ass remarks where the sun don't shine.

luke418 :

where one cannot be fleeced by shyster lawyers, .

Good luck with that.

luke418 :

you can stick your smart ass remarks where the sun don't shine.

But the sun shines out of my arse.

Being an expat doesn't suit everyone as many can't cope with change. Those who fail generally just live with their mistake rather than trying to blame everyone else for their failed attempts; but the worst joining forums to spread the blame as far and wide as possible.
We all know many countries have issues with electricity supplies and poor communications so there's sod all point moaning about them when you chose to go there.

Ok that's about enough.

This place isn't for everyone.  Good luck to you.

Hi everybody,

Everything has been said here, we are therefore closing this thread.

Thanks all,


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