Drought what drought ?????

Can someone please turn the water off???

It has been raining like crazy here in the Sosua/Cabarete are with now major flooding in the area.  We have had (accurate measurement by a local weather buff) 30+ inches of rain in the last two weeks and over 4 inches since 8am this morning and it is still raining.

This is getting serious folks and there will be many "out of there homes", especially near the rivers today.  We spent the last 2 hours broom out several inches of water from our garage and the battle is not over yet.

So if some one has access to the water faucet I think the drought is over and you can turn it off now :D

Bob K

Omg my hubby just sent me pics from ensanches luperon in Puerto plata. I go ther in a week. I'm leaving cold Scotland to I thought hot and sunny. Hmm!

It is brutal.  the rain  just does not want to quit. Over  7,000 families are wiped out in the Puerto Plata area alone. Parts of the  main highway between  POP and  Santiago are wiped out. 

I am sure the numbers will climb as  they get to some of the worst hit areas.  This is serious amounts of rain and flooding!   

I am lucky where I am, but  1 block from me they had  water a foot deep on their main floor!

I just spoke with my hubby he is ok and our little dog but if it continues I think it will reach my house. I feel so sorry for all those people.  In Scotland it is snowing heavy and I'm sooooo cold I hope I'm ok to fly nxt sat. Please planner if u hear of any airport disruptions can u or anyone let me know thanx. Praying for the rain to stop.  Xcx

All will be fine by then!!!

So sorry to hear of this torrential rain.  I feel for the Dominicans who live in the shanty's with dirt floors.

Thousands have lost everything in the Puerto Plata area alone. Lives have been lost.

We had more rain overnight and more is expected today.

Si dios quiere ! We have had non stop rain for a month here in the Central Mountain Range. The Yaque del Norte and the Jimenoa Rivers have been raging for weeks. Great kayaking, and the water quickly leaves the area. I hope things down below slow down. The 3 year drought has come to a quick end. I would imagine the tourist zones could use some sun !

Thanx planner. Xcx

Yes we can use some sun!  The ground is saturated and the  "drainage " system is  useless!  The amounts of water running are unimaginable,  Puerto Plata is at the base of  Mount Isabela, all water runs toward the port and it just cannot handle the volume. 

One of our main streets completely flooded yesterday near the Presidente Factory, one online video shows a refrigerator being carried along in the water. Now imagine how much water that was!   

Thousands are homeless now here. Today is overcast and rain is expected. Fingers crossed its not anything like yesterday.

Here in Sosua the road to cabarete was shut down for a couple of hours with 4 feet of water running like river in the Sea Horse ranch area.  The main street in Sosua also completely flooded and many homes under water.
Sabaneta even worse with cows floating by
Actually we have had over 30 inches of rain here in the sosua are over the last 2 weeks.
Bob K

Ok folks the rains and devastation continue.  Flooding is now a major issue with an estimated (by some accounts) of well over 2000  homes gone or severly damaged .  Lots of help is needed in the local communities.  If anyone can donate clothes, bedding, water of $$$ please let me know.  We are collecting and distributing stuff directly to the local families.  Yesterday we had three car loads of things delivered to some very grateful folks.  So if you can help in anyway let me know.
Thanks.  I am heading home and actually writing this at the airport waiting for my flight to STI this morning.  I hope the roads are not too bad and I can get home to the north coast this afternoon.  In the mean time my wife (Pat) is helping head up this relief effort.


Bob K

Ok we have now had 47 inches of rain in the last 3 weeks.  Another record

Bob K

That's crazy...I saw some videos and pictures uploaded to was unbelievable!

And even worse is that it looks like some more heavy rain headed our way for Friday, Saturday and Sunday....
Bob K

The first time I went to the DR was in November. I was told that it was the beginning of the rainy season.

THat has been the history...rainy season starts in November.  However for the last 3-4 years we have had very little or no rain in November-Jan.  Certainly not the case this year

Bob K

Hey Bob

Welcome back. Hope all is going ok.....

Question, how was the drive in from STI? We have friends flying into STI on Friday from Newark. I assume you took the main road versus the mountain road?

Im hoping they will get to experience SOME sunshine while they are here. Fingers crossed. especially since they have 2 kids who will not want to be stuck inside the whole time.

Also saw your comment on the donations. Thanks so much for doing all of that. We made a donation to a group. I'm hoping the forecasters are wrong on the weather...... :/

Take care

Yes the only way to the area from STI currently is the main road through Puerto Plata. The bridge on the mountain road at Jamao (sp) is basically out of commission.

I landed Monday and had to go the Puerto Plata way from STI.  I am afraid we are in for some more heavy rain this weekend as well

Bob K

The concept of rainy season has pretty much disappeared. If you look at rainfall patterns going back 10 years its all over the place.  One year it rained every single day in November and another year not a drop. 

They are predicting more rain for us this week and maybe for a couple more weeks. One report I saw said  3 months but I've not seen that anywhere else. He claimed it is a La Nina pattern but I can't confirm it.

What we know is that the last 2 weeks of heavy rains have done serious damage!  There is massive clean up underway and we need the rain to just go somewhere else............

And its looking like rain tonight..... sigh..........

Raining now in the Central Mountains. The Rivers have been radical going on 2 months !

Can anyone comment on the status of the road from Moca to the coast ? Is the bridge open again ?

Open is a relative term.  People are driving across it (I think one lane at a time) but it is collapsed and anywhere else in the world it would be closed.  You would not catch me driving across it.

Bob K

Thanx Bob ! I love going that way .... my blood has turned quite criollo.... I will decide this week which way to go! Living near the turn for Moca, it is hard to drive past it. I do love the new bypass around Santiago though. That almost makes it a tossup !? 🏄🏿🌴

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