Looking for job as safety officer or waiter or cook

Im qualified  from Institute of prevention as: health safety officer ,option organisation of risks and accident of work  give security and manage all workers and organise system of prévention and hygiene, work for soft quality ,i have same anather califiquation form private college of restauration and tourism as: Room clerks ,,i worked in differents places restaurant and company touristique  SARL ( capri tour) and i worked in catring restauration in Sahara of algeria ,im looking for job as waiter or help Cook or health safety officer  ,or something in industry ,in russia or norway i speak english and french im  understanding ponctual ,my salutions .

Ici, c'est le forum francophone. Sinon, pour les deux pays, vu vos spécialités, il vous faut maîtriser les langues nationales. Quand à l'hôtellerie-restauration, l'employeur doit prouver qu'il ne trouve pas de russes ou d'européens (pour la Norvège)...

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