Grocery Store Experiences

I'd like to get an overall feeling of what people think of the various grocery chains in Phnom Pehn. I've only been to Aeon and Lucky so far, but I rode by a Thai Huot on the way home from Soriya Mall, which is where I had my first experience with Lucky. Soriya Mall looks like a mall from the US. Most of the stores had closed , and what was left was a few basic stores, and some that looked like street vendors, but indoors. The Lucky within Soriya was dingy and in  desperate need of a makeover. I didn't find anything within Lucky that caused me to have a "lets go back" feel. 

What are your thoughts about the westernized grocery stores in PP? My worries about the availability of NE Asian groceries was quickly alleviated with AEON Mall supermarket. I've only been to Central Market once after Soriya Mall,  but it was after the sun set. There were a few vendors open, but the vast majority of the market was closed.

What other westernized markets are there besides the names I mentioned? Are there any 24 hour markets?

There's one 24 hour western grocery store called Super Duper not far from the Russian Market, something like street 488. It has a lot of imported products.

Lucky and Thai Hout are the main westernised grocery stores in PP. I personally prefer the Lucky on Preah Sihanouk, I think it's more geared towards local expats. Local markets generally close around 5pm, places like Central, Russian, BKK markets.

Aeon is the newest and most developed mall here. The other malls are just like markets but with air-con.

Night market on the riverside is open in the evenings on Friday and the weekend.

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