Help on Salary Offer

Hey guys,

I have posted this before but I have slighlty more info now. Head of Business Development!

They are offering me the following :

10000 AED
3% commission of any deal done of total amount
Company car
Medical insurance.
Visa and flights.

I just want to know if this is a good package to make the move from South Africa to Dubai and if I can live well on this.


Yeah not bad. The weird thing for me is how you got that offer from south africa . I live in dubai but Am not able to get a job at the moment. Any way wish you a very good luck man.


I see accommodation is not part of your packaging.  Accommodation takes out a large chunk from your earnings.  you need to investigate that....

first you should compare sa vs Dubai cost of living. if you are living alone 10k is ok but these all depends upon your living style. Also you save more money if you find more business to your company. let me know if you have further clarification.

i hope its not too late to answer. as a business development "manager" 10k is fairly low. 3% commission might be good but if youre closing millions. do you have a target requirement? maybe they will only pay out commissions if there is a minimum sale target reached?

Howzit, ... You need to see how they intend to structure the "package" so that you don't get any nasty surprises.

Is the 10k basic salary or is it make up of a lot of other "benefits"; at the end of your contract or service you are entitled to a Gratuity payment (by law), this is calculated on the basic salary and not the "take home" amount.

Many employers will keep the basic low and bump the salary amount up to the mark by adding paid "benefits" - the benefits portion does not contribute to the gratuity payment.


Basic: 5,000
Living allowance: 2,000
Mobile phone allowance: 1,000
Accommodation allowance: 2,000

This gives you 10k in your pocket at the end of the month, but gratuity is only based on the 5k basic.

Accommodation is not cheap here, a small studio apartment in a fairly central location will cost you 4,000 - 6,000 per month, then add utilities like water and electricity and possibly even district cooling charges (for chilled A/C water - depending on where you stay) - another 1,000

Factor in clothing for work, entertainment etc and your 10k wont get you far!

If you single perhaps you could scrape by, if you married, not a chance. Then you have to add schooling, extra mural activities, additional food etc., etc.

As you may have surmised I'm South African as well and have been working in the region for about 16 years now. I've got a good idea of what standard of living South Africans (in general) are prepared to accept. I'm fact during the recession I worked here and all I earned was 10k per month (my accommodation and vehicle were paid), but I had to send half of that money back to SA every month.. It was the most miserable time I had experienced here and constantly had to use my credit card to get by. Eventually I got a better job, but then had to repay all the debt that I had amassed.

Have they sent you a formal offer letter yet?

Another thing I would query is the structuring of the commission ... almost every single person I know who works here on a commission/ incentive based salary (with basic) cry's because they have been screwed over at some point - either because of the small print in the contract or because the company has no formal structure to manage commissions and changes their policies on commission payments when it suits them.

Things like "medical insurance" are mandatory under the law, so I would discount them from any salary bargaining tactics. Visa's and their relevant costs, the same, this is the employers obligation and should not be used for negotiations. Paid vacation is mandatory; flights and tickets the same. The only thing they can screw you on is when the flight and vacation is taken and how often. Some companies only offer a return flight every two years, although this is mainly for "labor" positions and does not really apply to white collar workers.

what is the industry of the Offering Company..10k is not bad but as head of BD has more pressure and targets so try to negotiate they will offer you 13-15k

Not bad... but try to negotitae atleast 20% more

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