winter journey in Morocco

Hello everybody,
I am planning a trip of one month during the winter holidays in Morocco I want to spend this time visiting the major sightseenings of the country, aware that travelling alone is not fun, I would like to make some contacts, eventually to rejoin for a chat before a mint tea ( I know this drink is very popular), it would be useful to help making my mind about the directions I want to take. If you please name the city where you are available I will arrange to get there being it accessible  by the train network, as I understood it is very efficient in this country.
grateful for your attention, have a nice day

Enjoy your time in Morocco.

My husband, my mother and I live in Marrakech.

If there are places that you wish to see in Morocco that are not on the public transportation system, there are great options to getting where you want to go. Many hotels and Riad accomidations may be able to advise you on great locations and activities that are very affordable. I know several touristic transporters who work directly with these places that may be able to help you affordably enjoy your destination as well. You are welcome to private message me if you desire more details.  I hope you enjoy Morocco.

It can get cold here and the weather may have an impact in some of the favorite mountain areas. It can have heavy snow.  Heavy rains often close roads in other areas. Nothing you can't manage coming from Italy. (I spent one of the worst winters in Gaeta, South of Rome). The best time to travel here is April/May, after everything has turned green, it isn't hot and there are few tourist. If you come in  December you can eat the best citrus  in the world.
  Since you are a seasoned, multi lingual  traveler you should do well on your own if you plan out where you want to visit. There is a lot to see here but it isn't as concentrated as the great cities in your country.
  If you want to make the "loop" that hits the best sites then consider an organized bus tour. You will see the great places, won't waste time trying to line up transportation or hotels. And you won't get hassled as much. (My wife and I walked Rome on one trip and did a bus tour on another. Enjoyed both but the tour provided so much more).
  Avoid Casablanca and perhaps Rabat.
Have a nice trip!

Hello hassan, thanks for your review, it is interesting, I am aware that although morocco is in africa, it suffers of the atlantic winter breath, but I understood the climate is bearable in the winter time, like an european autumn, I dont plan to spend much time in the mountains anyway, just a pass by visit, and I wont be disappointed to find few tourists around.
If you please to tell me why I should skip Casablanca and rabat, I would appreciate. have a nice day

hello Ibzy,
I will be happy to speak to you once I arrive in your land, I was really delighted to receive your contact, may I know a little more about yourself, just for sake of acquaintance?

welcome in morocco i live in agadir i can take you everywhere Marina Taghazout Souk and also Tarroudant

hello, I am sorry but Agadir is not part of my travelling plan, maybe in summer time...

ok welcome anytimes

Hello Italy....
so the weather in morocco is not the same depends of  where you go ..and the weather from your location in Italy...check google to be sure when you travel...

hello Soumnass,
thanks for your comment, I checked google for  weather advice, so I have an average idea of what to expect to help me to prepare a convenient wear packing, the important for me is to have sunshine and a clear sky, because i understood that the daylight in the winter is very short, about 10 hours a day, I have to make the most of such time, however as I have a full month to spend in your country, I will be able to visit every sightseeings shown in my touring guide.

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