Sales Job Offer in KL

Hi dear Applicants

I'm looking for some Sales staff who are genuine and willing to work hard for living.

Creteria as below:
1. Can speak Mandarin. English is an advantage.
2. Sales oriented.
3. Cheerful, ambitious, positive
4. Experienced in sales would be an advantage.
5. Inexperienced also welcome. Training provided.
6. Part time/Full time welcome

PM me if interested. Thanks.

Job adverts should be placed in the "Jobs" section at the top of this page.
Perhaps I could invite you to post there.

Hi Fred,

Thanks for the guidance. I will do that in the future.


Hi everyone,

@ Putierina, here is the link to the proper section where you will be able to drop a free advert : Jobs in Kuala Lumpur

All the best,

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