I'm trying to buy a white hall / console table with drawers. I live in the Paphos area. Can anyone help. I'll even consider second hand. Thanks

Hello Kitchy,

I invite you to drop your ad under the Furniture in Cyprus section of the website, it might help you to find one quickly.



try Steptoes in paphos, or Emilios Eliades almost next door to them  - or try Ikea in Nicosia... there are also a number d 2nd hand shops with furniture in chloraka - there is a top road there and a bottom road try both  - Panda is the name of one of them and theres another further along just cant remember the name

In fact try the whole of the Mesogi Road / Polis road in Paphos - lots of furniture shops there

Thanks for your help


Have a look through here :  2de hand But everything you can think of

Thank you for your help

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