Expert Annulment Attorney in Mindanao area

Hello everyone,

My story begins one year ago with the meeting of a beautiful woman that stole my breath away. With the encouragement of my friends I stepped over my shyness and began speaking to her. Flash forward to the present day and we are both madly in love with each other with messages and pictures shared between us everyday. However, before we can finally combine our families we must handle the issue of her ex-husband she has been separated from for two years now. For this reason I have come to this forum seeking anyone who has been through the annulment process to provide the attorney that handled their case.

I have read the Philippine policy on advertisement, and furthermore understand the costs. I am simply seeking an attorney that can do the task provided and allow us both to finally be truly together.

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Atty Elsa de Guzman is a former Family court judge and she handles annulment cases - her office phone number is ***

Thank you for the information Cynthiavilla,

If you do not mind me asking have you had any experience with this attorney? Furthermore, my girlfriend is in Mindanao, would she still be able to represent her from where she is located?

Furthermore, if anyone has any information of attorney's in the Mindanao area that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi sorry only got a chance just now; she is very competent and straight forward being a judge of annulment cases in a very tough court, quezon city

But the thing is she can either attend to your case either here in manila or cebu; know her personally

Hi Jon,

Just like you i am also currently looking for someone who could help me the process of annulment. Did you guys get the annulment? And if you did would it be okay if you could share it with me?

Thank You,


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