Religion and funeral Rights in China

In china have 56 ethnic groups Each of them has their own cultures and customs, Majority Chinese people not follow any religion  but tradition and rituals, in this 56 group only 7 ethnic group get  funeral rights according to their customs, the rest all need cremate body after death. every ethnic group name mentioned on Chinese national Identity card. for example a foreigner Muslim or christian  man married a Chinese lady and she belongs to Han or any other and her husband give her his religious name and dress also she starts follow his religious rituals and customs leading a religious life  even if  when she die the body will cremate according to her ethnic group which mentioned on her identity card.  I have seen many Arabic man married Chinese girls and give her Muslim name also dress and teach them all his religious rituals  also they have children. as I understand many of them not aware about the funeral law and rights in china. So while you follow religious life also you need care your spouse funeral rights also ..

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