Coffee Chiangrai

I was on this forum about A year or 2 ago.I talked to A man that makes coffee in Chiangrai Rai and sells it to
Tesco Lotus,or Big C or some food places in Thailand.If anyone knows this man or knows the name of the coffee let me know.I'm interested in trying it

If you are in Chiang Mai I know of one place you can buy one of those coffees. There is also the other that is the worlds most expensive. I don't know that the very expensive coffee is available in Thailand. But a Thai grown coffee is. There is that major shopping center by the airport. It might be called the Robinson Shopping Center, because Robinson is an anchor tenant. If you go to the basement there is a section with Thai food shops. Some very good food because it's more for locals. There is a kind of large grocery store in that area that has many Thai food stuff. Way back in the corner they sell the coffee, not by the cup. If my memory still serves me, when you walk into that food court you make a right and the shopping area is right there. When you make that right just walk straight to the far wall and it will be right in front of you. Does this help?

I believe this was an American who grows and sells it to grocery stores in Thailand.I believe I talked to him on this site.But can't remember the company name.

There is a guy I know in Chiang Rai who grows coffee. He's a RIPER. You might be able to find him through JC and his web sire - JC also has many videos on You Tube.

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