Accommodation close to Shatti-Al-Qurum


I am moving to Muscat in Dec 2016.  What would be some good areas to focus on if I am working in Shatti-Al-Qurum.  I am after a 2 or 3 bedroom place, preferably a low maintenance Apartment or Townhouse.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Timtam85,

If your work place is going to be in Shatti-Al-Qurum, then you should preferably look at places like Shatti-Al-Qurum, Madinat Al IIlam and Al-Qurum (all are comparitively expensive neighbourhoods). Or look at Wattayah / behind Sultan Shopping Centre areas for more affordable apartments.

Fortunately for you, if you drive around these neighbourhoods (particularly the latter) you will find enough and more 'For Rent', or 'To Let' sign boards on almost every other building, making it easier for you to pick and choose.

Hello Sumitran,

Thank you for all your advice - it is very helpful. Sorry to jump in, but our accommodation search seems to be very similar to Timtam85. Can I please ask - does what you say before mean that it is pretty much the renters market in Muscat at the moment - i.e. the supply exeeds demand?

If this is the case - is it customary in Oman to negotiate the rental cost?

And do furnished apartments generally cost more than unfurnished ones?

Thank you,

Hi 2nd_opossum,

I just responded to one of your earlier queries on the same subject, in the forum.

Yes, to all of your queries posted above.

There is a greater supply now, than demand. So you can wield your bargaining baton for maximum effect and for your best advantage.

Lately, there have been a lot of departures (not necessarily an 'exodus'), but a sizable amount of expatriate departures, on account of the bad economic condition because of the underwhelming oil prices. Hence more givers, than takers.

House rents can be negotiated basis the different payment terms and options which can be discussed with the land / property owner / manager. Terms like paying for a full year upfront (in which case you can slice off a decent sum from your monthly installment); paying 6-months in advance; paying quarterly in advance; paying monthly through post-dated cheques, etc. And each of these payment terms can mean a different monthly rent - for the same place.

Semi-furnished and fully-furnished apartments do cost more than unfurnished ones. But the choices can be extremely limited.

Thank you, Sumitran for all your help - I really appreciate your taking time to reply. K :-)

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