Warning About Driving Through Mexico City/State!!!

In everything we read online and all the communications we had with everyone regarding driving to Belize no one mentioned the driving restrictions in Mexico City and Mexico State. There are days you cannot legally drive in Mexico City and Mexico State. Do yourself a favor and look into it before arriving. Hopefully, Priscilla will allow this link to be posted: … trictions/

Thank you for this info. I have saved it for when we travel :)

Driving in Cancun a few years ago is the Reason my wife is afraid to ever see Mexico again. Briefly, we were stopped by police for"speeding" but really let the truth begin, they gave us a choice bring us to the courthouse or PAY now the ticket $170.  Yes, they got the cash and we both feel years later.. corruption is rampart in mexico

My intention in posting the warning was to save someone from getting pulled over while driving through Mexico City/State, not to incite cries of corruption.

While I'm confident there is plenty of corruption in Mexico, the VAST majority of the people here, including the police, have been incredibly kind, welcoming and helpful.

We've been driving through the country for over 6 weeks and there hasn't been a day when someone hasn't smiled at and waved to us. That just doesn't happen in the states. Mexico is definitely competing for our attention with Belize.

My intentions to enjoy and feel safe
In other parts of the world are expected and not negotiable.  My vacations
Have been in many Caribbean/Mexico
Locations but never have we experienced the rode trip outside
Cancun.  Should we now venture again
Thru the Yucatán with a secure attitude
Or a risk mentality?

over the last eight years i have driven up to cancun airport to meet my wife.many times.. we usually stay in playa for one or two nights.  arranging insurance at the border has been a problem, forgetting the carwash  nearly a problem, the unmarked speedbumps/humps have been a nuisance, and the increase in traffic volume has slowed the journey..i even drove into mexico without clearing immigration on one accasion.   but i have never encountered anything frightening or upsetting.

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