Formalities of Becoming Dutch Citizen

My boyfriend recently acquired his Dutch passport, we live in Canada. We are both 21 years old and been together for 4 years now as a couple.
We plan to move to the Netherlands before we are 25 years old and would like if I could get my passport as well. We are wondering what is the best way to acquire this citizenship for me so that we can live in the Netherlands as easily as possible. Should we be married for 3 years before moving to the Netherlands or 3 years after moving? If being married for 3 years before moving is the best option then we would have to get legally married pretty soon to make this happen. We just want to do what is the easiest.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

You usually need to be resident in NL for a number of years before applying for citizenship. … h-national

And to be married for at least three years!

There or prior to moving?

I think you need to read the link which Romaniac has given to you first before asking more questions.

Please seethe attached link:

Correction: MVV is not a work permit.
Only employers can require work permit trough the IND if they can proof that they can't find Dutch employees for the job.

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