Algerian to marry an american ??

hi everyone ! i hope everyone is well

i am Algerian , i want to marry an american woman ,and we want to live toghether in USA ,because  she is living there , but i have read that the process is too long and so complicated , with a risk of not accepting of our requirement if they FEEL it like affair marriage !!! wich is not because i love this women and i want here ... so i am asking you please if you can help me to be with her ,with your advices or ideas ... i thought about being with her in another country but it is complicated too ...

Thank you for your help .

Some of us are familiar already with your partner, she's posted several topics already and has already received extensive and correct advice.  Sorry to say it, but sometimes love (or the perception of love) just is not enough.

Interestingly enough, the person starting those topics said she was breaking up with her Algerian boyfriend a month ago, yet last week asks about getting a visa for him.  Doesn't sound like a rational situation.

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