I moved to cyberjaya. Where to go to have DSL Internet

I have moved to cyberjaya
Malaysian people are veeery kind and polit
I found malaysia very humity compared to my country but i started to used to it

I live in condo
I would like to have my dsl internet ? How much fast speed and where i go to get one

Im trying to find gas cooker with gas oven , cant find it anywhere

Also is there arabic school in cyberjaya or 20 mins distance by car from cyberjaya

Go to Cybercafe/ work Look up nearest Malaysian Telecom office and call them to come to your condo.
Usually condos have a notice board with information, or speak to those in the management office. The person you are renting the condo off should be able to help you with all these start up issues.

If you can post here, perhaps you should google about the Arabic school?

I have another question is multimedia university hard univ to pass it ? I heard its hard and not easy to pass and they dont recommend it is it true ?


What course are you thinking of studying?

You would need to go visit them and see what the entrance requirements are for the course of choice.
MMU is not one of the top universities in Malaysia if that is what you are asking, I would put it mid range.

Computer engineering but i heard people said its very hard to pass subjects and you need to study everyday all day

Do you have privet teacher for university to help me?

Most university courses require you attend classes (maybe 15 hours a week) and also put in many hours of private study. Anything worthwhile achieving requires hard work imo, otherwise why bother?
When you join the university you will probably find out more from peers and the university about potential tutors.
I personally do not believe in tuition for tertiary level (an undergraduate should be an independent learner) so I do not know anyone who does private tuition.

Any university worth going to would require students study every day and night. You go to university to LEARN not just get a degree. A degree awarded without the student learning the knowledge that is representative for that degree is a worthless piece of paper. And as important as the knowledge required for the degree, students need to learn how to learn and think on their own.

I don't know about that particular university,  but I see those comments as a good sign.  I've taught at places where 100% of students passed, and I wouldn't recommend their graduates as a general rule. Most of them didn't care about learning, only getting their degree.

Iskandarhack, absolutely agree. Nowadays many students want quick results, the piece of paper but see little value in learning. IMO, learning is a life-long process, and for those who have the opportunity to go to uni, they should make use of it.

I want to learn but i worry about that if i study hard ill not passed too so that what im worry

ibrahim.q8 :

I want to learn but i worry about that if i study hard ill not passed too so that what im worry

I'm a big believer in trying something challenging instead of giving up without trying. But be smart about it, for example if you're not good with math and science,  then maybe you should take something other than engineering.

But you have to decide that yourself, we don't know you well enough to make any recommendations.

I want to become an engineer :) ill try my best ill try to find private teacher to help me to improve my self

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