Questions from a family moving to Malta

Hi everybody.
We are a Danish family of 5 who are looking into moving to Malta. My wife and I are selfemployed and will move our company to Malta also (naturally).
I have read a bunch of good posts here (and everywhere) but still need some answers which seems hard to find.

Healthcare: I understand that Malta have a healthcare program and you pay to this through your taxes that I pay as selfemployed. BUT does this fee only cover myself and wife (as we are the selfemployed once) or the whole family? If only the two of us then how are the kids covered?
Besides this do we also need some private insurance?

Insurance: Do you other expats have insurance by a local insurance company or do you use a company located at your home land? I am thinking of house and home insurance etc.

Schools and kindergarten: I also understand that public schools are free when living at Malta but can a non-native English speaking kid attend these schools without a lot of language barriers? Are the classes held in English only or also in Maltese? How about kindergartens? Do they exists in Malta and are they also free or where do you "park" your 4 year old? ;)

One of our sons use a bracelet how do we handle this in Malta. Are this a part of the healthcare?

Thank you for reading this and I hope some have a couple of answers.


:lol: Please excuse my typo in the first post. Our son do not use a bracelet but braces on his teeth and have any of you some experience with this in Malta?

Any comment on the above is greatly appreciated :)


There are plenty of private dental clinics that treat people with braces.

Thanks Lambada.
Do you have any idea of at what price level this is done? I don't recon this is part of the health care?

It is offered as part of the free national health service too but I imagine there's a long waiting list for it.  If your son already has braces fitted and only needs monthly consultations to monitor progress and perhaps change or tighten the cable then you'll be looking at around 40 euros per visit at a private dentist.

Thank you so much for some great info Lamdaba. Greatly appreciated!


As you are all EU citizens there is not much to worry about.

By applying for the Maltese ID and having social security number here healthcare is free for you and your family. Of course there are private health insurances where level of service is higher.

Public schools are free too and maltese is commonly used in schools. Maltese still try to preserve their language and it is quite logical that they encourage all to learn maltese language too. Still private schools are recommended, many Maltese go to private schools too.

If you need more about anything in Malta please PM me, as i am a broker and expat.

Thank you so much. Great info :)
What about home insurance? I have read that not many Maltese use this since the crime is almost none existing. Is this correct?
I think we will drop you a note if it is okay "to spam" you a little regarding the last questions that we have a hard time finding :)
Thanks again,

Insurance of property is wise.. there is crime still in Malta, like burglaries... in Malta is very few violent! crime... means it is not probable to be attacked on streets, so it is safe in this sense...

But consider it if you are buying residential or renting commercial property only... owner shall insure it

for EU citizens Malta is quite simple about paperwork... so dont worry much

i am a broker in Malta.... anything you would need ask

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