Belgians in Vientiane or other?

I'm a Belgian from the city of Antwerp and reside in Bangkok-Thailand since September 2001. I'd like to get in contact with fellow Belgians or other nationalities living in Laos. In that long period of time I've been active in education, translations & consulting. Although I had enough assignments in teaching it was never the top jobs one could get because of the NES policy in general. A friend of mine, British expat, has been going on/off to Vientiane mostly for his visa matters and has been considering a move to Laos. Seems the visa and general business environment isn't so complex as in Thailand. I was just wondering if certain possibilities exist concerning work (not necessarily in education) and/or doing small business between Thailand & Laos is feasible? I know there aren't many niches around these days but any information can be useful. Thanks a lot for sharing some details about this with me. Appreciated in advance.  Gary A.

I suggest that you go online, get the contact details for schools in Vientiane and contact them about work.
There are now a number of international type teaching establishments in Vientiane.

Yes, that could be the best option. Not sure if they will consider Non-NES speakers but it's worth the try of course. Appreciate your advice and message.  :)

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