Pakistani passport urgent renewal

Does anyone have any links in the Pakistan Embassy Riyadh to let me know the timeline to get an urgent renewal processing done? The Pakistan government website states it takes 4 days!

I can't tell about nowadays, but don't expect anything in less than 7 days. Generally 10-15 days if urgent.

that's ridiculous ... no such thing as emergency ??

Thats very bizzare!! Did anyone got one done recently?

Thats because the Machine Readable Passport  (MRP) use to go aand come back from Islamabad for new or renewal. And they do it very carefully and with verifications.

Till I experienced, the urgent was taking 10 days and normal around 30 days. I will try to find what's the current time span now.

mccague :

Thats very bizzare!! Did anyone got one done recently?

From what the members are saying, looks like its "tru doe"

What if the pssport has been dispatched from the facility in Islamabad and its Monday and I still havent received it yet. What do you think has been going on in this? Im sure the passport box travel through flights and not ship. Why do you thinn its taking so damn long? I got someone to call the Passport Office helpline and they said I should go collect it on Monday! Went there, that stupid man was rude to the point where I would have slapped him across his head

Passport was dispatched from Islamabad on Thursday!

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