French nationality willing to expat

HI can you tell me the business oppurtunities in such counties please or even lithuania which i heard is different ?

I wish to know about cost of living for a normal life per month pls.

And on high level management in tourism / Hotel etc if there is any interesting job oppurtunities while being fluent in french and english only. With a licence in tourism and 18 years of experience etc.

Are people open on exapt or conservative any other community probs etc.

Finally whats the best region to settle and what are the bad plan or scam to escape if you are willing to settle there.

N Are people friendly? respectful etc?

Thanks a lot.


Hello Ruddy. As Latvian, i can share with you my opinion on some questions you touched.

I have no idea about the tourism industry but people who can and do good job have been always demanded, i guess in most countries.

Business opportunities in Latvia are present, off course, but that also depends on the field of business you are interested in.

Cost of living for a "Normal" life is different depending of what you consider normal. There are citizens in Latvia who survive on 100 eur per month and there are others who spend that amount for lunch and there are many more in between.

In Capital Riga you will meet all kinds of people. It is rather a small area for ca 1 million people. and if you would like to meet the rest ca 800 thousand you would have to go around country. I find people further away from Riga to be more humane and open even to strangers but English speaking among them is a rarity.

I would say avoid "agencies" to "help" you if you decide to acquire property. You would pay way over the real price.

Most people i know i would describe as friendly, but respect depends on situation.

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