Receiving mail in Budva, montenegro

Hi i have a house in budva, podmaine and wondering if i can use ebay or amazon to buy things and get it delivered to my house, though i do not have a specific address unlike my house in england, can anyone help?


I have been researching the same thing. I regret i don't know if ebay / amazon will deliver to Montenegro. My neighbor, a local , said that if you want to somehow receive mail, the first step is to visit your corresponding local post office and let them know you would like to receive mail via their post office. In my case, I was asked to leave my name, "address" and phone number. The address is just a description of our location.

So, what I gather is you need to establish a relationship with your post office, so when someone arrives for you , they will know who it is for and how to contact you. If you know a package is coming, you may need to go and let them know what you are expecting and remind them to please contact you if/when it arrives.

Not sure how helpful this all is. We plan to have our family send some test post cards to see if we actually get them before we have them mail anything of value.

Let me know how it goes.


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