Belgium nationality

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone applied for Belgium nationality lately? I just want to know the waiting time from the time of submission of the application up to the time of getting your ID. Thanks and have a great day everyone! I'm more concern on non EU married to Belgium nationale!

Have you been in Belgium for at least 5 years?

Thanks for ur reply. Yes, I'm here since 2010. I applied for my Belgium nationality this August. Police came to our home Sept to check my docs and since then till now nothing. I'm just wondering how much more time should I be waiting. I'm planning to visit my sister in the US and it's saves me money n time to use EU passport than my Philippine passport. Thanks

Which procedure and category did you apply under?
Declaration or naturalisation?

Great question Currylover.   @Vanity.....I say give it some more time as these things don't usually happen quickly.  Put your travel plans on hold for now and wait.  Could take as less as 3 months since the police visit to a year's time.

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