Extending VEC

My 6 months is coming up and I can't remember where I got the forms to extend it another 6 months.

I can't find it on the net and if I recall last time I submitted form at police station the form changed.

If anyone can kindly point me getting the form for police station and immigration department it would be greatly appreciated.


It's a Mau NA5: … am-tru.htm

You'll only get 3 months in-country. 6 months if your coming back in to VN at a border crossing or the airport. The price has also tripled from the 210,000VN that they had charged for years.


Better to take the short trip from Bien Hoa to Moc Bai and get six months.

thanks! hmm 3 months in-country. That's the first I heard of it.

I have to travel Canada in June so that would be like 2 trips before than. Guess I'll look up buses going from Bien Hoa to Moc Bai.

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