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I am considering to retire to Panama in the mountainous region.I  will be in Panama in December through February 2017 and would like advice on the pros and cons as well as the opportunity to meet other expats while I am  visiting to get a better sense of the community.
I have lived in Nepal for 2 years and feel comfortable with poverty..
Please reply, Thanks.

You will have to look hard to find poverty in the areas you are likely to visit in the mountain towns. There really are only three - Volcan, Boquete and El Valle De Anton. If you arrange to spend time in each you will gain a clear picture of what mountain town life is like in Panama. All three have their charms although Boquete is more expat-oriented than the others.

Smart that you will be here a few months to kick the tires. As Sunset Steve said those 3 locations are your best bet.

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Ask your questions will get a lot of advice.

I recommend you to search the date base of foreclosed properties being sold by courtrooms of Panama. I looked at it today and there are properties with starting prices of $1,000 this month of November. it is

Skip the foreclosure'll regret trying to get clever and find some "steal" of a property.  Biggest risk is suitability of Panama and you to Panama.  SunsetSteve and others nailed the areas to look at. If it's a "go", don't try and out-smart locals, IMO, and find that gem no one seems to be able to find.  Does not exist.

I agree with Saw Man... see if Panama is right for you before you buy anything.

Also learning some Spanish will make your life here a lot easier!

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