Working for a Canadian Company in Colombia

I work for a Canadian company and they have been contracting in Colombia for a while.
They asked me if I wanted to go to Colombia and with no hesitation I accepted,Por Que Mi!
Well I did a lot of travelling thru Panama, Colombia Equador and Peru in the the early 80s and enjoyed it immensely, except all that Narco shit going on.
For all these years since then I have been wondering if I would ever go back, well no more wondering I am going back and happy about it.
The Executive Administrator with the company emails me this list of things to do before I fly down to Bogota,
It is, get your Passport and AME licence Notarized and bring it to the Colombian Consulate in Vancouver and get it consularized so I did and they stamped it after I paid them and I haven't a clue what this is for.
Then the Administrator emailed me a ticket to Bogota, ONE Way to leave at the end of Nov.
Wow I thought is this the only thing I have to do and the Administrator said that she doesn't get involved too much with the details for the workers going off shore she only said that there was someone down in Bogota that will help you get your Work Visa and Cedula, Ok I thought so I will enter the country as a tourist that requires no visa and pay the reciprocity fee Canadians have to pay and away i go.
Sounds to easy does Anyone no any different
Do I show them my Consularized Document at point of entry or let be, cause I am going down there as a tourist and will get the visa later.
Sounds fishy maybe a return ticket would present no problems I don't know Help me if you can
Thank You

The bureocracy in Colombia is really overboard... But a lot has to do with the fact that there are no conventions between Canada and Colombia. So the reason you had to get those papers to the consulate is to get them authenticated in the country of origin. If you had brought them without they wouldn't be valid...

Once you are here the process continues... Make sure you bring a good book because the lines can be long. But yes, this is all legit... Enter with your tourist visa and while here apply for your working visa... Just be sure to get it before 90 days and whatever you do don't stay beyond 180 days without your visa... The fines are outrageous and they can deport you.

In any case, if you haven't been to Bogotá in awhile it will surprise you... :) it is really great in a lot of ways. And the landscape and towns around it are amazing as well. Traveling within the country, like to Santa Marta or Cartagena, is easy and depending on when it can be pretty inexpensive.

Good luck and enjoy it.

Thanks Canuck the bureocracy hasn't changed! go figure, hopefully i will see the whole country and have a lot of fun all expenses paid LoL

If you get to Medellin area,  drop us a note. We have been here 3 weeks. Sold our house in WA state and took the leap. 

Tedi and Marc

Hello Roland,

I hope all is well with you and I hope you were able to resolve the issue. Just wondering what Canadian company do you work for?

Thank you,



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