Meeting new people :) Live in Fulham and work in Canary Wharf

Hi everyone

I live in Fulham and work in Canary Wharf. I would love to meet up with new people. I am an outgoing person and I like doing sport, going out for drinks or chill out, brunch..

Please do not hesitate to contact me:)


Hi Eva,
Wanted to know how you feel about the climate of meeting people in London? It seems, unless you know them, the locals can be very dismissive. Or are those the tourist? Kinda hard to tell the difference.

Hi Eva,
I live in North London and I have been year for over 5 years. I do not mind meet up, even though you are pretty far from me, but public trasport is so convenient in London.

Feel free to contact me. :-)


Hello All,
After a short delay, my arrival in England is set for end of March. I am looking to meet new friends that i can workout with and those that will make my English transition smooth. First order of business is reasonable accomodations close to Basinghall Ave. Zone 3, I've been told, is not to far and reasonable in terms of rent and travel expenses. Great new friends are very much welcome as I am a wonderful guy to say the least. Well all my soon to be friends, I will be looking to hear from you.


I live in Barons Court and can go for a drink sometime if you are still looking!

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