Looking for an English speaking doctor in Isla Verde

Hi there
I'm new to Puerto Rico my Spanish skills are not yet up to scratch so I'm looking for a doctor that speaks good English somewhere in the Isla Verde area although I will travel anywhere in the metro region for a good one. I'm British so struggling also with the US healthcare system. I have blue cross, blue shield insurance if that effects recommendations!
Thanks in advance!

You might want to check out the SALUS clinic - it's the only Mayo Certified clinic on the island.  It's located on the border of Guaynabo and Bayamón next to the American Military Academy, and an easy drive from Isla Verde.  Doctors and staff speak English - I've had reasonably good experiences there.

Thanks so much! 😊
I appreciate the quick response

Hello Angi and welcome to Puerto RIco.

I would be happy to try and help you with some recommendations, as I have been here 18 years and only go to Doctors that take appointments and English speaking.

Most Doctors here speak English... although their staff may not.  Also, it is important to know that you want a doctor that honors appointments and do not go to one that you have to sign your name and wait.  There are good Doctors here and your insurance should be able to give you a list of providers in network as well.

What kind of Doctor are you looking for?

You may want to chat with me privately to discuss your needs and see if I can be of help.



Great points by Lynn - especially about appointments.  SALUS makes and keeps appointments quite well. 

I forgot to mention in my earlier response that I have had less than positive experiences with the lab associated with SALUS (High Profile Laboratories).

Hi. I'm not sure if you already found a dr but someone on this forum recommended to me Dr Roberto Unda at the Ashford Medical Center and he is wonderful.  He speaks fluent English and he keeps appointments. I.e. A 10 am appointment actually means 10 am! And that is unusual here in Puerto rico.

Trekrider- Thanks again for recommending Salus, we used them a couple of times and were happy with them, they even have extended hours so we can make appts after work. I was wondering if you could expand on your experiences with the lab as I'm sure we will need those services in the near future. Cheers, Karen

Hi Karen,
I found the lab technicians and office staff to be quite rude and demeaning.  Perhaps they're not morning people (I always went in first thing in the morning) but they were always yelling at me for doing something wrong.

Also, it seemed that every other visit I would have to get the tests done again due to errors.  It seemed that the doctor was not surprised at the amount of errors. 

Hope this helps!

Yikes, ok well I guess I will use the one in my neighborhood. :) I've talked to them before, they are super friendly and professional. Thanks for the info.

Thanks everyone for all the good advice it is much appreciated!

Been calling Roberto Unda all week with no answer or return of calls despite leaving multiple messages on the clinic voicemail. Is he still practicing do you know?

Puerto Ricans go into holiday mode once Thanksgiving nears. Getting anyone on the phone the week of Thanksgiving would be an exercise in futility.

Generally, getting anything done after the midway point of November until the middle of January will be difficult.

It may also be that the doctor's secretary does not speak English and its is ignoring the calls because she does not understand.
But yes the holidays do tend to start right after Thanksgiving and last until around mid January with Xmas, New Year, 3 kings day (Jan 6th) and the Octavitas (8 more days). Not that in PR we need an excuse to party.

Last but not least, is the chance that the doctor been recruited out of the island, several states and specially Florida are coming to the island to recruit doctors and nurses for 2 to 3 times the the salary.

Maybe the person that suggested that particular doctor can make a call and see what is going on?

I have a feeling that the doctor has left the island, either because of vacation or left for good.

I've tried to call too.

Maybe phone number is wrong, go to the office if you have the address.

Thanks :) yeah I think I will. I had to take a throat culture test to be able to start my new job and it came back positive for an infection. I don't feel sick 😜 So I have to get it taken care of ASAP so I can start working.

my friend recommended isla verde medical center - she walked in. the number is 787-791-8175 or 8179, good luck!

I called yesterday morning and reached an English speaking front desk person, and got an apt. for today with Dr. Roberto Undated Gomez. He came out and met me when I arrived and am now waiting to be seen.

Let me know how it is - I need to see someone too!

hey Suzanne, I really liked him. My 10:30 apt. was really 10:30 he wants to know all about your medical history and is very detailed. He was friendly and willing to talk with me. I definitely recommend giving him a shot. Should be noted his office does not accept credit cards/debt cards. he accepts cash, not sure about checks. You should call and ask before going in.

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