NOC will be removed from Oman

Hi Sumitran and everybody..  :)
I just wanna know that i read a news in Oman times a couples of week before that NOC will be removed and it will declare in forth coming December 2016.
My question is i came to oman before one month and now this rule us goona implemented. And in my contract papers the period is of 2years so i want to know can i change my job from one company to another or i have to stick to my contract papers for two years. Before 2years i cannot change my job. Kindly reply

HI shariq07,

The newspaper announcement mentioned very clearly that the Oman Labour Laws are being reviewed and there would be new announcements made on those revisions, including the one on the NOC.

But nowhere did the news item mention that the NOC rule is going to be abolished or removed unconditionally.

The first 2-year work contract commitment has to be met and fulfilled, irrespective.

Like most other expatriates, you too can wait until the 20th of November 2016 to see what the new amendments and revisions to the current labour laws are going to be.

Thanks Sumitran.. You are really a good advicer :)

Hi Sumitran,

You should read these post in oman times … xpats' … t-official … xpats' … n-November … ates-issue

HI shariq07,

Thank you for the links.

Yes, I have read those news stories in the 'Times of Oman'.

As you may have probably guessed, almost all of my information-sharing which takes place in this forum is based largely on the published articles from the Times of Oman and the other 3 English dailies of Oman.

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