Survey- Living preference Luzon, Vizayas or Mindanao?

Where do you prefer to live in Philippines Luzon, Vizayas or Mindanao?

If you choose Luzon what is the reason?
If you choose Vizayas what is the reason?
If you choose Mindanao what is the reason?

Is Palawan part of Luzon?   I think so; that's it, Palawan.  There are many regions in the Philippines that seem to be ideal but there's something about Palawan that defies logic.  From the moment I step out of the airplane after it landed at Puerto Princesa, I fell in love!  Besides the, ambience, the scenery....the people....something that can't be explained.

That's a good choice FC... have you tried going to places up north? like ilocos? or baguio?

I've always been fascinated by the northern region.  The farthest north I have been was San Fernando, La Union and Baguio.  I have always wanted to visit Sagada and the Ilocos Region.  Of course I intend to travel in the northern region of Luzon the next time I get there...and to many other regions I have never been to in the 17 years I lived in the Philippines.  What a shame.

Mr. FC... I think you should go there up north.. try it.. try the beautiful place of pagudpod, bolinao pangasinan, La Union you will never regret it... but comapring them to Palawan.. I think its no where near palawan.. Palawan is an Island Paradise. :-) or try also going to this island called Sibale Island near Mindoro or the island called The Golden Sand... Jomalig it is located in Quezon Province.. :-)

Yes, of course.  And Sibale.  A friend from Pinamalayan, Or. Mindoro went there and described the experience in detail.  I hope some wealthy resort developer doesn't discover Sibale and turn it into another Boracay.  But I'm afraid it's just a matter of time....someone already posted Sibale on YouTube!   Best that such places be left alone to exist in their natural splendour.  And all those paradises you mentioned....but unfortunately, many have already been developed to crowded ugliness (with hotels, stores, vehicular traffic, rowdy visitors, etc).  I like quite, simple, uncluttered places.  Hope I will still find such place when I go there.

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