Neighbourhood Watch Scheme - Peyia

RECEIVED TODAY FROM Peyia Community Services  (the old Peyia Neighbourhood Watch team) and its reproduced here in its entrety with their full permission.
If you are or were in any doubt about the lack of local Mayoral support within the Peyia community - i think you might find that this will confirm what we know is happening
"We as a team have developed PCS from what was the Neighbourhood Watch which was a voluntary organisation. This was because the Municipality were going to run it following government direction. We saw a need for drawing the different communities closer together by having PCS and continue to develop that concept. The reason for writing this is to highlight the responses we have been getting from the Municipality. We have tried to promote the new Neighbourhood scheme run by the Municipality.

One of our members has spoken to the Police and members of the municipality in terms of offering support by advertising their new scheme. Over 1 year has now passed with this member not even knowing if their details were taken and received no communication back on anything in regard to membership of. They have held a meeting with the local community Police officer who is supposed to be running the scheme and nothing has happened, we made it clear we wanted to promote the scheme and help them do this. Our team member has asked to meet with the Mayor on several occasions and been turned down every time! In fact anyone they have spoken to has always come back with the same response, I must speak to the Mayor??????

So here we are the current Mayor is not interested in working with the local community, no surprise there and elections coming up members can have a say. The community Police man who has a job description from the Police stating that they must work with the community does not and is controlled by the Mayor as well. We still put out alerts to what is happening to our members with nothing from the Local Police as a service to the community. The local Police seem to be tied up with the same line I will have to speak to the Mayor, we think the Police do a good job with limited resource and we always encourage our members to notify them.

The question is why do the Police have to keep asking the Mayor????? The bottom line to this is we have no working Neighbourhood Watch in place for over a year now, We will continue to offer our information service to all members. We want everyone to be aware of the situation with the current Mayor and the people reporting to him. Our member has been in touch with the local government with over twenty visits on this matter of cooperation. The last response was this is how we run Neighbourhood Watch in Cyprus, well in Pegeia they dont and we have none due to the non-community minded Mayor currently in office and his control over the whole matter. 

We are not giving up and we still will recommend information goes to the Police so we will do the right and moral thing. We know crime has been an issue here for a long time now and should not be pushed under the carpet, a figure has been circulated that 50% of all crime committed in Cyprus happens in Pegeia and its surrounds, the Police need all the help they can get but we have a Mayor that thinks not!!! and is not helping them.

It is time to do something about this situation."

IT SHOULD BE CLEAR WHAT YOU NEED TO DO - USE YOUR VOTE TO VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO LISTENS AND IS PREPARED TO COMMUNICATE FULLY WITH ALL RESIDENT CONSTITUENTS IN THE PEYIA AND SURROUNDING AREAS = i wont name any names here but its important you find out who is standing and vote accordingly if you want changes to benefit all residents

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