Resigning from Work. Should I pay medical,labour card and Ticket?

hi i just need an advice because i resign here in my current work in sohar oman i been here for 1yr and 2months already i have 2yrs contract here i give 1month notice of period then tomorrow is my last day then they just give me notice only last night that i should pay for the medical,labour card anf ticket that they provide when i came here in oman but i already finish 1yr my coworker resign also but he didnt pay anthing but when it comes to me they said i shuold pay what should i do ??

You better go through your contract and see what it says about all these expenses.

Well you have to check your contract if nothing mentioned in there u can seek advice from man power.

Hi Chinpao,

The rule is simple :

If you resign on your own, then you have to compensate your company for the investments which they have made on you.

If your services are terminated, then it becomes your company's responsibilities.

Do you have your contract copy ? Can I see it ?
Your contract would clearly state what benefits you are entitled for.

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