Job offer from HMC

I have been job offered from HMC, they mentioned my basic salary in this very low what I am getting currently in UAE,  I told them after receiving the offer letter that during interview I told you clearly I am getting this much they why it is mentioned like this in my offer letter, they said they will review and will send the revised letter, its almost two week now but still I am waiting for revised one, any idea how long it will take


I have experienced the same, if you have them valid reason to understand and implement the need for change in your Salary, I am sure they will change it accordingly.

But HMC Human Resources Department  is one of the worlds biggest worst Human Resources Department

You have to follow up regularly, may be they will get back to you after 3 or 4 weeks

Thank you

did they revised your salary and had  they send you new offer letter?? and after receiving new letter, how long they took to issue the work visa?
their HR system is very slow

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