Looking for an Indian school for my son in 1st standard

I am moving to Muscat from India on 7th Nov,
But i will bring my wife and son in april or may. That time i need to get my son admitted in 1st standard in a good and reputed Indian school.
I need your support regarding admission procedure and preferred school.


Hello arun :cheers:

While waiting for members to tip in about the schooling for son, please browse through this section below :

> Schools & studies in Muscat


Hi arunmech,

What you should do is go online to the Indian Schools website and register your child's details there.

Since the rush will be heavy for the Indian school admissions, seats would be allotted based on computerised draws only.

Each student would be asked to opt for their preference of schools, basis which they would get allotted - either in the morning shift, or in the afternoon shift. Obviously, the place of your work and the place of your residence would play a very crucial part in your selection of the Indian school for your ward.

The entire process has been very clearly described and discussed in this forum. Please take some efforts to locate that thread and get all the information you would ever need about the Indian school admissions.

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