Use USA electronics in Thailand

Hi folks, I am moving to Thailand shortly from USA.  Wondering if I can bring and use things like my George Foreman Grill and use in Thailand.  USA is 110v but Thailand is 220v.  Can I use things there with converter or should I just leave them at home and but stuff in Thailand?  I think computer, iPad, iPhone, etc fine but wonder about things like George Forman Grill, Electric Shaver, Roku, etc.......

Thank you!

From threads here, most US market small electronics seem to be stuck at 110v only when the same in the rest of the world are 110 to 240v.
That just means buying a new adapter only.
Check the input voltage on the adapter to confirm this.
The high power items can be used but you need large ugly voltage converters from builders' suppliers.
Better to skip bringing that stuff.

It's kind of up to you.  I think someone asked that quite recently here, or maybe it was somewhere else.  If you plan to use a converter best to buy one in the US, because electronics in general are more expensive in Thailand, and the selection isn't as good.  I have no idea how close a product would be to the George Foreman grill, but of course something remotely comparable must be sold here.

Very small converters are sold but mid-sized versions that can handle a bit more current might last longer.  But then my wife brought a cordless phone over and uses a small converter and it's been running for years, so maybe those would be ok if the power use was limited.

The eternal question is what they have in the US (or wherever) that they don't have in Thailand, and there isn't much, but versions can differ.  I'd pick up some extra socks and underwear, and think through goods like vitamins or supplements, but in general it's all here.  Basic electronics cost more and break down quickly but the selection should be similar.

Any high power unit will require a transformer like this.

Stores like Walmart sell them in two basic sizes, one sized to support a single, moderate power draw device that costs around $10 (US) and one for multiple device use that runs 30 or so.  The small device is around two inches (cube, all three dimensions), and the larger more like three or four times that size, a little bigger than a can of  soda.  If you wanted to reliably support a few servers maybe you would need some industrial looking equipment like that.

I'll give you good odds neither of them will power a grill without burning out.
I gather it runs at a max of 760 watts, something small transformers just can't cope with.
That means industrial stuff as I posted above.

It's an interesting point.  Since I referenced Wal-Mart I checked there, and there are 1500-3000 Watt devices, like this one rated for 1500, selling for $61.99 (link following).  The models that cost less do only power smaller devices; odd to think a normal capacity transformer doesn't support a hair dryer.

All the same the problem could be more of a technical challenge than I'd let on.  My wife does use a tiny transformer for a cordless phone, and it has been operating for something like 7 years, but we've not tried powering devices with more draw, so I really don't know the limitations.  Grounding here might not always be suitable, or there could be issues related to power input stability, or transformer device life span, and the last two could relate to electronics not lasting long here.  More research seems in order.


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